Your Cross Country Coaching Assistant


If you're looking for a tool to help you manage, motivate and engage your high school XC team this season, then you've come to the right place!   

XCStats is designed to save you countless hours while delivering a complete set of tools for coaches, athletes and parents.  No other application offers more for high school cross country.

To learn more, read the sections below, or watch an overview video, or write us, or visit our Cross Country Info page.  Ready to get started?  Go here to sign up!


At the core of XCStats is a true cross country database, meaning that we perform statistics, such as PR's and improvements, based on the actual course, not just distance, as other applications do. This approach gives you true PR's and accurate assessments of improvements.  Other applications force-fit a track database to cross country, which doesn't reflect the uniquenesses of different courses.  

Then, we provide 26 reports and 10 charts which use this data to give you everything you need to measure the performance of your individuals and team.  The reports focus on highlighting improvements, so every athlete can be recognized for their efforts, not just the fastest.

And, at XCStats, we load your cross country results for you.  No data entry needed!


Coaching Tools

With XCStats, your athletes will enter their workouts into our iOS/android app, then you can review and comment on their efforts with just few clicks.  Their workouts are color coded so you'll immediately see who needs your help.  You can create weekly and cumulative mileage charts, allow athletes to view the charts of their teammates and send reminders to those who are behind on their logging.

Also included is a complete goal-setting function, which allows athletes to create goals for upcoming meets.  As a coach, you can quickly review their goals and send them an email with your comments.


The available tools for emailing your athletes and parents are virtually endless, but few, if any, offer the features included in XCStats.  Most poplar is the personalized post-meet email where, with a single click, you can send an email to each athlete, with a copy to their parents, highlighting their specific accomplishments at that meet. 

The email system saves you time at every turn.  You can create custom mailing groups, such as varsity or sophomores or those attending camp.  You don't need to collect, data-enter or update email addresses - athletes provide theirs and their parents when they register.  There's more: you can send attachments and text messages too.

XCStats can also be your team website!



Team Management

XCStats includes a complete attendance system.  Athlete and parents can submit absence requests, so you'll never forget a planned absence.  You can take attendance from your mobile device and generate attendance reports for the admin office.

Assign tasks, such as updating training logs, setting goals for upcoming meets, or off-line tasks, such as returning athletic forms or dues payments.  Then, automatically send reminders to those who have or have not completed the task.

Add team managers to your account to help with communications.